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Hire a 여우알바 full-time or part-time ski and snowboard instructor for Ski Broker Ski Rental & Retail in Fraser, Colorado. Elevator Operators Looking for reliable people with a good attitude to winter, different schedules, seasonal full-time and part-time positions. Helping clients with ski and snowboard equipment rentals and winter clothing purchases in a positive, dynamic and adventurous environment.

This position includes sales and service of ski and snowboard equipment, setup of demo ski bindings and direct customer service. This position includes selling ski clothing and equipment, booking service requests, collecting logs, and providing information to guests. This location is located at Snowshed Lodge and includes the work of our Montana Challenge setup machine, as well as other ski and snowboard setup and repair work. If you are a driven individual with a background in retail and are good at skiing and snowboarding, then apply for a Utah Ski Sales Manager or Assistant Sales Manager position.

Providing excellent customer service through well-trained staff and proper planning, ensuring the safety of our employees and customers, managing and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the store. Utah Ski Gear prides itself on being a team that works hard, has fun and serves our customers every day with A+ quality. Mr. Bike and Ski is hard working and having fun, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a high quality service to each of our clients. Our employees form an incredibly competent foundation for a vibrant cycling and skiing community.

Skinny Skis invests in our people to help them achieve their goals of living happy and healthy lives in Jackson Hole by providing benefits and working with them to adapt their situation to their lives. Skinny Skis are willing to work with the right candidates to make their positions and schedules work for them. The majority of Skinny Skis employees are parents, students, retirees, volunteers who have a second job and still love to hang out and enjoy the Tetons.

As a Rental Technician/Customer Service Specialist, you will be responsible for providing exemplary customer service to our customers, helping them find products and services for their skiing and snowboarding needs. Our customer-focused team uses their skills to put on boots, sell skis, and operate California Ski’s state-of-the-art backup store, using technical skills to assemble, oil, and tune skis.

Whether you work in a shop, an indoor ski centre, or a trial run in the UK, the ski and snowboard specialists usually hold their own all year round. There are also rental specialists on dry slopes and real indoor snow centers who prepare skis and snowboards for those who rent equipment, and these places are usually open all year round. The indoor slopes often feature restaurants, cafes and bars, giving winter sports enthusiasts work and time to ski all year round. Also, if you choose to shop in a ski resort, you can spend some time on the slopes on your day off, or if you are on an indoor slope, you can go skiing after work.

Although you don’t work in the mountains selling winter sports, chances are you can take advantage of free or discounted ski holidays or time on the slopes. Usually babysitting in a ski resort depending on the season allows you to buy time on the slopes during the weekend without having any previous experience or knowledge in the field of winter sports. The babysitters usually work while the resort guests are skiing, so during the winter ski season they spend the least time on the slopes.

One of the bad things about work is that the best times to ski always seem to be during the week. While it’s not the job that immediately comes to mind when looking for a job during the snow season, it has many advantages, including being one of the highest paying jobs. Often these people have been working in the snow for several seasons, and in many cases ski patrolling is their full-time professional job.

Oftentimes, clients want the shortest skis, believing they are the easiest to master. The nearest ski shop can test all rental equipment, so we know what we’re talking about when explaining it to our customers. Most of our store is full-time and we keep them year-round, but we usually add a few part-timers on weekends. May continue to serve as a full-time store employee depending on productivity, work ethic, and store needs. Historically, 60% of our seasonal employees are still full-time employees.

If you’re good at tools and machinery, can work quickly and efficiently, and want to help people enjoy their time in the mountains, this job is for you. Lots of time in the saddle, access to tips, great knowledge of the mountains, you’ll be there every day of the season, and the joy of teaching people how to ride.

Whether you work in a ski shop in a resort or in the UK, you’ll benefit from knowing everything you need to know about the latest skis and snowboards, and maybe even take advantage of staff discounts. If you’re not very familiar with the ski industry, that’s fine, we’ll teach you what you need to know to be successful. We are looking for experienced skiers who have some experience in cross country skiing and who understand the principles of learning and skill development.